My teaching, my practice

Teaching has become my double-edged sword; I fall more in love with practice and study every day, but so easily fall out of genuine connection with body. I analyze and plan, forgetting what it's like to feel, to observe, to be moved by authenticity and the simple nature of the present moment. 

I mull over words and fiddle with fingertips,  preoccupied by the architecture of practice. I forget to breathe, to notice my own experience within structure, to allow myself to fall into something bigger and unknown. 

Playing with my shiny new phone and filming this clip (for Instagram, no less)  manifested a reminder of this delicate balance...we all share in hopes of being seen, and, somehow, more deeply understood. We take the time to pose and perfect, and for what? I spent an inordinate amount of time fidgeting with improvised tripods and finding the right frame, got onto my mat, and found myself in child's pose. How blasé. I nearly deleted this 'waste of storage space' and have ignored it in my gallery in hopes of something more exciting to shout to this strange world of social media. 

This 4 second clip has no handstands, no interesting transitions, no trendy songs. This long-winded paragraph will have no edits. This post may never be read, and that's okay. 

My mantra of the day: move with the moment, practice with the present. Speak from authentic experience, teach from a deeper truth.