If you can say "yes" to any of the following, then PRIVATE LESSONS are for you!

  • I'm not very flexible...I'm too embarrassed/intimidated to go to a public yoga class
  • I feel out of shape and want to get back into my body
  • I have a challenging injury and am looking to rehab with holistic practices
  • I'm concerned that my injuries or health challenges will slow down the rest of the group
  • I feel confused about alignment and proper form--I need a breakdown of the basics!
  • I prefer to do yoga in my own home, but need help starting my own practice
  • I never get enough of those yummy adjustments in big classes! I want more of that, please :)
  • I'm an experienced student looking for a greater challenge and a break from routine

Whether a beginning or advanced practitioner, a little TLC goes a long way in your health and wellness routine. Ready to get started? Contact me for scheduling and pricing information and please fill out the Client Intake Form below.

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If so, what style? What is your experience level?
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